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28 May 2021

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The best decade would stand still just like the water under the bridge, the world needs compassion more than passion, and we enter into an era where the HR is respected to be empathetic and not disciplinary. If we ever compare the workplaces in the past decades the requirements have immensely changed and so has the expectations from HRs. Now when we enter into the new decade, there are several things which got underway.  

The functions and roles of Human resource managers are core for each organization and we always worship the slogan that Humans are the biggest assets for any organization but we beg to differ & argue that Talent is the biggest asset and the way you nurture it derives your best ROI in simpler terms.

Managing of conflicts

We tend to do things very differently. Same is when it comes to handling each crisis. We take several steps to avoid any major conflicts. In the past few months we have tackled situations wherein the steps were taken with the support of our entire team and the suggestions were taken into consideration. It is important for the team to believe that their words matter, many times we tend to take decision with our wit and experience and a talented team can provide perspective to such conditions. However, too many minds can also lead to adverse ideas and suggestions. It’s important to respect their words but under boundaries and conditions.


Ideas of Existence

During our span in the market, we came across several profiles that were unhappy in their previous company because they claimed that the role which was explained to them before hiring never managed to meet up with the tasks which were provided to the personnel. Merely existence in an organization is never enough; one should always understand where one stand does & what is expected of them.

How can you overcome such common difficulty? It is mandatory to understand the behavior and needs of the personnel, some like music, some may like crafts, some may like dancing. Although you can never give them everything ready on a platter but you can always help them with a big smile and few pushes which may be necessary.

We follow the practice of Honeymoon Period. Now, what exactly is a Honeymoon period? It is a time span of a week or two wherein we do not assign them any professional tasks. We tend to notice their behavioral traits in context to their patience, likes and dislikes and the results turn out amazing.

The practice helps the team mate connect better with other mates on similar grounds and interests and similar minds bring out empathy and passion in work. The practice can also help the employee to know the thin balancing line between their personal and professional objectives.

Wisdom of Belongingness

Imagine it’s your first day & you are nervous about it. You enter the premises & all of a sudden you feel you do not belong here. It is rightly said the first impression lasts. So, when you keep your team mate waiting, they notice; when you yell at someone, they notice. Now the question is how you can change that in the first place – A warm welcome always helps; we know all of us have our hectic schedule but few smiles and handshakes can always be helpful.

You may ask any team mate to spare 3 days off their schedule to help the person feel comfortable. Because we all know it’s better to have a buddy to share our lunches with. Such little efforts improve the sustainability in the firm in the long shot and eventually motivate employees and increase the productivity. The team feels valued and the mate feels welcomed in the organization.



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